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In 2016, treat yourself with a ride on a Personal Transporter in Caen!

What's a Personal Transporter ? According to Wikipedia, a Personal Transporter (PT) is "a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered vehicle invented by Dean Kamen in New Hampshire". This type of vehicles allows the rider to travel conveniently, quickly, greenly and safely. It represents a new way to commute and makes you avoid traffic congestion and pollution. The PT was, for a long time, alone on the market.

In 2014, a new generation of Personal Transporters appeared. Smaller, lighter, easier to handle, a slenderer design and with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Ninebot Elite is the flagship of this generation and the perfect companion for a ride with friends, family or coworkers. Legally in France, PTs are equivalent to pedestrians and obey the same rules and laws. Since 2001, Personal Transporters have come a long way in terms of ecomobility. Now you can also find one-wheeled scooters, etc. Com'on Gyro & David Letanneur are waiting for you in Caen for an excursion and other activities riding a Personal Transporter.


See you soon!

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